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The ‘poonami’ vest trick

I’ve shamelessly stolen this tip from Mumsnet and it’s so flipping obvious that I can’t believe after having two children, I’ve only just picked it up.

All babies have a ‘poonami’, that is a poo of such mega-proportions that it escapes like lava out of the nappy and all up their backs. Now, up until a mere two months ago, I’d whip the nappy off, change my daughter and then very carefully pull the poo soaked baby vest up over her head, usually getting it all over her head and hair, then me, the bed and towel I was changing her on but……….

There’s an easier way!

Most vests have crossover shoulders like this:

baby vest

When you are faced with poomageddon, all you have to do, and it seems stupidly obvious, is slip the vest of the baby’s shoulders and pull the vest downwards and off rather than upwards, which usually ends up with poo over the baby’s back, arms and hair.

Verdict: lifesaver


One thought on “The ‘poonami’ vest trick

  1. Oh this made me laugh very much. So so true. Baby-Gusto had a poonami while on the place to Australia once……. it went EVERYWHERE… including the poor chap sleeping in the chair next to us.

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