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A cough, Vicks and a pair of socks

Since the Autumn kicked in, my children seem to have had a permanent cold. One cold goes, another one rapidly takes its place and then turns into a cough that keeps them and the whole household awake at night.

In desperation after I’d tried the usual remedies, and remembering that somewhere on the net I’d read about rubbing Vicks to a baby’s feet to soothe their cough, I thought I might as well give it a go.

What you’re supposed to do is generously apply the Vicks, or in my case Asda own brand, to the bottom of the foot making sure you smear it between their toes (something to do with reflexology I believe), then pop a pair of socks on top. You can also mix the vapour rub with baby lotion as it’s pungent stuff.


So was it a success? Much as I’d love to say we had a totally undisturbed night’s sleep, I’d be lying but it did seem to settle my daughter and she did sleep a little better.

Supposedly it works better on toddlers and adults but it’s definitely worth trying if all other methods have failed.

And one other tip, Vicks is absolutely brilliant if you have discoloured or gnarly toenails. Rub it on and in approx 3 days you’ll see a dramatic difference.

Verdict: seems a ludicrous idea but could be a lifesaver


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