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The toilet roll & cable tip

This is what happens every single time I try to find the USB cable for my camera: I search through a web of all-black cables for about 10 minutes, spend another few minutes untangling said cables, find what I need and by this point have lost the will to live so throw them all back in the drawer only to have to go through the same rigmarole next time I need to download photos onto my laptop.

So while wasting half an hour on Pinterest the other day, I found the perfect answer – cardboard toilet rolls.  I know it sounds a bit ‘Blue Peter’ but you’ll thank me for this tip especially if you live with a cable-collecting man (seriously, how many USB cables and phone chargers does one man need)?

Get the cardboard tube, simply shove in the wire and write on the side what’s in there. For longer wires with heavy plugs, it might be worth using kitchen roll tubes.


OK. this tip isn’t going to set the world alight and when I showed my husband the drawer full of cardboard tubes he looked at me like I’d lost my mind but I think it’s useful, so there!

Verdict: makes you look a bit anal, but handy and cheap


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