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The magic of Sudocrem

Chances are if you’re not a parent, you won’t even know what Sudocrem is so let me enlighten you. Although it’s primarily a nappy rash cream and a pretty good one at that, I’ve since discovered a whole host of ways of using this miracle elixir.


Firstly, it’s absolutely brilliant for spots. How I wish I’d know about this when I was a pimple-blighted teenager. Just dab a bit on, especially overnight and in the morning that pesky spot will have all but disappeared.

I’ve also used it on a cold sore and I have to say, it might just be coincidence and it was never going to develop into a nuclear cold sore anyway, but it took two days to heal rather than five.

Other uses are: for burns, as a primer for makeup, although I haven’t tried this as yet but you’d definitely have to thin it out a bit as the cream is paste-like in texture, as a face mask on particularly spotty skin, sunburn, cuts and sore skin.

I’ve also used it on my disgusting cracked heels, which I’ve always suffered from. I usually smother my feet in it and put a pair of socks on as it goes everywhere and doesn’t smell particularly fragrant.

One word of warning though, don’t get it on any black clothes or carpet because it is an absolute devil to wash out.

The best bit, a 125g tub of Sudocrem only costs £2.55 and lasts for ages.

Verdict: an absolute essential in the Betty household.


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