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Baby wipes – your household essential

I’ll start straight off by admitting that today’s tip is not in the least bit environmentally-friendly but I use baby wipes for so many things around the house, I just have to share it with you.

This discovery has all happened by accident as pre-children, I never had any in the house but over the past few years I’ve been using own-brand baby wipes for pretty much every cleaning job in the house.

So, apart from cleaning bottoms, wipes are absolutely brilliant for the following:

  • Cleaning dusty skirting boards
  • Cooker hoods, hobs and stainless steel toasters (rub down with a dry cloth afterwards for a dazzling shine)


    Baby wipes – perfect for cleaning those pesky hobs

  • Cleaning up spills on hard floors and carpets
  • Keyboards and laptop covers
  • Spills on upholstered chairs and sofas (even curry stains but you have to get to it mega-quick)
  • Cleaning wall and floor tiles
  • Bathroom and kitchen taps (same as above, rub down afterwards with an E-cloth or dry tea towel)
  • Wiping the leaves of houseplants
  • Removing crayon marks from painted walls
  • Cleaning out the microwave
  • Cleaning leather shoes
  • Car dashboards and steering wheel etc

I’m sure there are a 101 other uses for baby wipes that I haven’t even discovered yet but this does beg a rather unsettling question; if wipes have such superior cleaning powers, what on earth do they do to  a baby’s bum?

Verdict: A cleaning essential


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