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Is my daughter’s birthday cake going to be the ruin of me?

This could be a disaster. Fool that I am, I’ve ditched the sensible option of buying my soon-to-be-one year old daughter a ready-made birthday cake and instead I’ll be spending Thursday and probably Friday night crying into the buttercream and ringing my mum for help.

For my son’s first birthday I made a monkey cake that I sweated blood and tears over. At 3am the night before his party, as I looked at my creation and hoped it wouldn’t make the children scream in terror, I swore I’d never make a birthday cake again but once I’m on a mission, nothing can deter me.

This is the now-famous monkey cake (should add here it was my husband who made the monkey’s face more child-friendly. Before his intervention, it looked positively evil) :

monkey cake2

Initially, I was going to make a good old Victoria Sandwich and cover it in royal icing but that’s bound to go wrong, so I had a look on Pinterest and found this beautiful cake here: http://www.mycakeschool.com/blog/pretty-petal-effect/


It looks fancy but doesn’t look that difficult. It’s simply a case of piping the icing onto the cake and then spreading with a spatula (I may well regret these words later). The site is brilliant for novice bakers.

I’ll check back with the finished product so you can all laugh yourself silly at be suitably impressed.

Verdict: I have a slight inkling I’m punching above my weight here.


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