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Easy-to-make bunting – all you need is a stapler and fabric

I do love a bit of bunting. It’s probably very passè these days and you’re supposed to hang bits of dead twigs from frayed string or something equally dismal but follow my easy guide to making fabric bunting and I guarantee it’ll put a smile on your face.


I’m reasonably handy with a sewing machine but having watched BBC2’s Sewing Bee last night, I realise I’m a total amateur in comparison. Luckily this bunting doesn’t even require a needle let alone a sewing machine and it still looks fabulous.

What you need is the following:


  • A stapler
  • Fabric
  • Pinking shears (basically scissors with a zig zag blade)
  • Bias binding or stiff ribbon
  • Triangle-shaped template
  • Pins or safety pins

It’s reasonably important that you use pinking shears as they help prevent the fabric edges from fraying. You can get them from most craft shops but eBay’s probably your best bet or Hobbycraft.

Like most people, I don’t tend to have tons of spare dress fabric knocking about. The fabric in the bunting pictured came from Hobbycraft and is sold in what they call a ‘fat quarter’ pack and is approx £7-£10. Again, eBay is good for fabric especially if you like Cath Kidston type patterns.


  1. Make your bunting triangle template from thin card or paper. Mine measure 8in x 10in but you can make them any size you fancy.
  2. Pin the pattern to the fabric and cut around it with the pinking shears.
  3. Pin the fabric triangle to the bias binding and staple it.
  4. Carry on until you run out of fabric.

It really is that simple. Of course you can make as many lengths of bunting as you want and it is washable as long as you either handwash it or pop the entire bunting in a pillowcase, tie a knot in the top and put it in the washing machine.

Verdict: so easy, a toddler could do it


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