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Does the Phillips Lumea Precision work?

So, time to report back on the Phillips Lumea Precision and whether it’s actually removing any of my leg fuzz.

When it first arrived, courtesy of Amazon, I was absolutely terrified. I’ve had electrolysis years ago, the pain of which was akin to having a red hot poker applied to my skin so I was more than a bit apprehensive about using the Lumea. However, I’m glad to say that it didn’t hurt at all, not even on the highest setting…more of that later.

The instructions say you have to shave the area you’re zapping first, which is fine if it’s the legs but it goes against everything I’ve ever been told when it comes to the good old tache but I’ve decided to do the legs first to see if I respond to the treatment before moving onto the facial area.

Phillips Lumea Precision

Phillips Lumea Precision

Basically all you do is hold it against your skin until the light goes green and then ping, the laser zaps the hair via the light, which travels down the hair root. It took about 1o minutes for one lower leg (done in front of the TV) and it says 5 minutes for the bikini line, which I’m yet to try. There are five intensity levels but I use level 5 as I’m yet to experience any pain. Perhaps I have a high pain threshold after all.

You have to leave two weeks before each treatment and it can take three months to be hair-free but after two treatments, I can already feel a difference. The hair on my legs is still sprouting but usually it would feel stubbly 24hrs after shaving but I’m getting at least 2 days of smooth legs before needing to shave again.

It’s so easy to use there’s a part of me that wonders whether it’s actually working or not but I guess only time will tell. I expect to see a dramatic improvement by July so I’ll report back then.

Verdict: so far, so good


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