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How to get your whites to dazzle!

It’s a measure of how much things change that on a recent meet-up with friends we found ourselves discussing ways of removing bolognaise stains from our children’s clothes. Rock ‘n roll it might not be but all that has changed is the foodstuff. Five years ago it would’ve been red wine and the various other stains that mysteriously appear the morning after a night staggering out of various drinking holes in London (less said about that the better).

A Google search revealed a number of tips, the most popular being adding bleach to the wash but the last time bleach came into contact with my clothes, namely my precious Levi 501’s, was 1989 . Bros has much to answer for.

Then I happened on Ecover’s Laundry Bleach in my local Sainsbury’s. You add a tablespoon of the powder to a wash and hey presto, your whites are, well whiter.


My knackered white, well grey, Converse seemed a perfect test subject so they went in with the rest of the wash on a 60 degree cotton cycle and came out prison white. In fact, I was so impressed I kept sneaking peaks out of the window just to see them drying on the line.

Even my husband’s ancient Billy Bragg t-shirt, circa ‘sometime in the 80s’, which was a fetching nicotine shade of yellow,  came out whiter than white.

I can say, hand on heart, this is one of the best products I’ve bought in a very long time and what’s more, because it’s Ecover, you know you’re slight obsession with laundry isn’t damaging the environment either.

Verdict: Yes, yes and yes


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