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Why you need a Dyson handheld in your life

Years ago, a certain broadsheet newspaper coined the phrase ‘domestic hedonism’ to describe an apparent wave of bright, young things who had eschewed the usual Saturday night out-on-the-town shenanigans for a rock ‘n roll night in, vacuuming and cleaning their over-priced Shoreditch flats and admiring their pristine stainless steel ovens while presumably tanked up on the booze of their choice.

Clearly, it was a slow news day when this particular feature hit the newstands but I fear that this is now my reality, minus the hedonism, as my once reasonably active social life has ground to a near-halt since having children.

However, I still get stupidly excited when the Lakeland catalogue lands on my doorstep and I find myself lusting after a telescopic duster or a venetian blind cleaner so imagine the joy I felt when my lovely new Dyson handheld arrived in the Dottymum household a few days ago.

I’ve owned a few handheld vacuums in my time, all of which have had the suction power of a mouse with asthma, so I did my research and with glowing reviews ended up buying my Dyson from John Lewis because it came with a great two-year guarantee.


I’m glad to say the Dyson handheld didn’t disappoint at all – in fact, I don’t know how I ever lived without it. It’s brilliant for cleaning the stairs, which I’ve always hated doing because it’s such a flipping faff lugging my heavy old vacuum up our steep staircase and it’s also fantastic for cleaning our car interior too.

Considering how small it is, it’s really powerful and has a max setting for when when you need to turbo charge your cleaning and the charge lasts for days.

Admittedly, it’s not cheap at around £130 but I think is well worth it just to save the aggro of getting your regular vacuum out each day to suck up those irritating crumbs and dust bunnies. Check out the Dyson handheld here.

Verdict: a total time saver and powerful to boot


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