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Could purple grape juice prevent tummy bugs?

One of the by-products of having children in some form of daycare, is the dreaded stomach bug. As any parent knows, looking after sick children while you’re ill yourself is particularly gruesome so apart from bleaching everything to within an inch of its life and obsessively washing your hands, is there anything else you can do to prevent a sick bug?

As a mild emetophobe (i.e. phobia of being sick), I tend to have Motilium at the ready both at home and in my handbag, which I’ve found to be very effective for nausea but I’ve since discovered there may be a more natural remedy – purple grape juice.

grape juice

A quick search on Google reveals that the grape juice supposedly works by changing the pH in your intestinal track to one that doesn’t let the evil vomit buggers from multiplying. By changing the acidity in your stomach to one that is more alkaline, the virus finds it harder to take hold.

So if you’re unlucky enough to be around someone who has been sick, start drinking 100% purple grape juice right away before any symptoms appear.  Three glasses a day seems to be the general consensus but, and this is vital if you want your home to be free of erm, purple vomit, don’t drink the stuff if you start having symptoms. I won’t go on, but you get the picture.

Thankfully, I’ve not had occasion to try this remedy yet but I’ll be the first to report back when I do. Here’s hoping this is later rather than sooner.


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