A new way to calculate your ideal weight?

While on a rare trip to the hairdresser’s today, I came across an article in Woman & Home (all the real trashy magazines were selfishly being read by other customers) regarding some new diet fad.

I ignored the diet because let’s face it, whatever way you dress it up, the only way to lose weight is to cut down on carbs, booze and sugar and move a bit more but there was an interesting boxout on how to calculate your ideal weight. How scientific this is, I don’t know but when I worked mine out it seemed about right and sort of does make sense, so here goes:

How to calculate your ideal weight:

A. How much did you weigh at 18 years old without dieting?

B. How much did you weigh at your heaviest, excluding pregnancy weight?

C. How much did you weigh at your lightest after age 18, with or without dieting?

D. What is your current weight?

Add together your answers to questions:

A & B and divide by 2. The result is Y.

Add C& D and divide by 2. The result is Z.

Add Y & Z together and divide by 2. The answer is your ideal weight.

So, for example, take Kay:

A. 8 stone (I wish)

B. 10 stone 4lbs

C. 9 stone 10

D. 10 stone

The answer would be 8 + 10.4 = 18.4/2 =9 stone 2lbs (Y)

C+D =19.10/2 = 9 stone 5lbs (Z)

The ideal weight for Kay would be Y+X/2 = 9 stone 3lbs.

Verdict: give it a go and see what figure you arrive at – no pun intended.